Spud Wood

To use our course at Spud Wood, simply download and print a map and answer sheet for one of the courses depending on your ability.

Go to the start point located at the Stage Lane car park, and start walking

Note to groups. Spud Wood is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust. Whilst there is free publc access, groups should register and provide a risk assessment to the area manager before using the woods for group activities

Easy Course A

Print out the Map and answer sheet

Spud Wood Easy.pdf
Spud Wood Easy - answers.pdf

Easy Course A ( Limited Area )

This is suitable for when groups want to restrict the area they need to marshall

Print out the Map and answer sheet

Spud Wood Easy limited area.pdf
Spud Wood Easy limited area - answers.pdf

Hard Course A

Spud Wood Hard.pdf
Spud Wood Hard - answers.pdf