Due to the popularity of Scouting and 3rd Lymm in particular, all age sections have waiting lists.

The earlier a child's name is added and the greater the offer of support, the greater the chance of a place being offered. We have children aged from 1 upwards listed, and over 50 names in total.

We restrict the numbers in each section to ensure scouting is safe, interesting and above all - fun for all involved ( parents/leaders included )

Running the different section programmes, camps and events, the group, the equipment, the building and grounds, and fundraising requires time and effort from all parents.

3rd Lymm is a parent run group - this means that aside from a few volunteers providing specialist skills, everything else is run and supported by parents.

This only works when everyone plays their part, therefore spaces are only offered on the understanding that this support will be given freely.

All scout sections programmes, activities and camps are run and supported by parents

Fundraising is run and supported by parents

The building and grounds are run and supported by parents

Our admissions, social media and complaints policies are detailed below

3rd Lymm Waiting List Policy reviewed 220721.docx
3rd Lymm Complaints process reviewed 220721.docx
3rd Lymm Social Media Policy reviewed 060821 (1).docx

If you would like your child's name to be added to the waiting list then please contact us with your childs name, date of birth and your contact details to @