What we do

What we do

Because we have our own building and grounds we have the flexibility to decide exactly how we use them, and what equipment would benefit our members.

Soft archery/cross bows, sling shots, axe throwing, axe and saw work, knife work, branding, cooking ( fires and cookers ), lighting fires, gardening and camping are all done on our site.

Away from our base, we get involved in local walks, games on the May Queen field, night hikes, orienteering, wide games at Spud wood, chariot racing, making and sleeping in bivouacs, hiking competitions, camping ( tents and hammocks), high ropes, caving, cave bus, climbing, swimming, cinema trips, science trips, volunteering in the community, jump nation, chill factore, laser quest, airport visits, raft building, bell boating, air rifle and air pistol shooting, canoeing, hill walking.

We have leaders who are permitted to lead - kayaking, canoeing, rafting, bell boating and hill walking.

We believe we offer the widest choice of activities and experiences in Lymm.

For pictures showing what we get up to - check out our public face book page

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